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Diamond Pier: decks without digging machines

When dealing with deck additions and renovations one point is extremely difficult to address: the excavation needs to support the code rules to have a stable and strong foundation. Decks causes of failure can vary from a bad connection with the house to a foundation block or post that is not designed to support that

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Deck railing: pay attention to the rules

Regulations and codes are a pain in the neck for builders. But they are necessary, and some of them are really important to make your house a safer place to live. Deck railing codes are really important, and remember them when building your deck (if you are not using a contractor) All decks higher than

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House decks: a simple guide for you

Summer time is coming, and if you don’t have a deck in your backyard probably you’ll be jealous of your neighbor. If you think about having a deck in the future, one of the most important aspects for the long term durability is the type of material you’ll use for the floor. We’re living in

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