Month: May 2018

Water: get out of here

Did you notice a strong musty odor in your basement after a rain shower? If you have a septic system, probably he will be responsible for your craziness. But remember that you can have a problem from moisture build-up inside the basement too. Proper drainage around the outside of your home is critical for the

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Basement Egress…with charm

To have a basement egress is an obligation for all constructions here in Massachusetts, and every builder understands this necessity to comply with local rules. Not a lot of systems are nice – let’s be frank, here. But some options can be fancy, practical and comply with the code in the same time. Boman Kemp

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Real estate sites are moving forward

Online real estate database companies are looking for more opportunities. Other than being only a database and search engine, now Zillow and Redfin are starting to test a model that will provide home owners the possibility to sell their houses directly to them, via website. Redfin, for example, began testing an experimental new service called Redfin

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